Sacroiliac Hip Belt Relief for Sciatica Pelvic Lower Back Lumbar Leg Pain for Pregnant Woman Support Sciatic Nerve Brace E9U2


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Colour: Black
size: one size

Immediately relieve lower back pain.
Easy to wear and adjust.
Elastic bilateral tension provides adjustable compression.
The back panel of chloropye also provides warm and compressed.
Exhausting and breathable side panels to provide additional comfort.
Full of adjustment.
size :
Please don’t put on the size of your pants
(1) The warm waist, kidney, stomach and other parts, accelerate blood circulation.
(2) On the lumbar muscle strain, back pain, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica,
Stomach cold stomach pain, female pain, cold lower abdomen, kidney
Therefore, it has significant improvement and auxiliary treatment effects.
(3) Burning excess fat in the abdomen.

Some information about magnetic therapy
Magnetic therapy is based on the following theory: magnets near the skin will help increase
The blood flowing to the affected area. Increased blood flow will mean more
The healing characteristics will enter the area. This can help keep the area warm and reduce
Pain, but it also helps cure damage and help it recover more effectively.
Magnetic therapy uses the power of magnets to directly regenerate the atoms in our cells.
Magnetic stimulation stimulates the electrons in our body, which can relieve pain and
Accelerate the recovery process. One thing is very important, this is correct
The therapy is placed and used. In order to make it effective, it must be applied
Near the skin, near the closeness of the acupoint area of painful development.

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Package Included:
1 *Relieve pain and waist

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