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Product Name: Facial Massager
Battery: Replaceable button battery
Product color: black, white
Product power: 1W
Product material: ABS, silicone
Sonic vibration lift profile
Simulate real muscle movements, vibrate sound waves, penetrate deep into the fat layer, drive facial muscles to move on their own, and improve nasolabial folds and facial lines
Improve double chin and show swan neck. Wake up sleeping skin, drive the movement of the entire facial expression muscle group, improve skin texture, relieve skin sagging, reduce excess fat, and make muscles more compact and radiant
Improve relaxation
Improve masseter muscles
Full outline
Improve nasolabial folds

Deep vibrating fat
Facial subcutaneous fat passes through and increases by 10%-20%
Exercise to relax muscles
Sonic vibration + EMS micro-current, firming the skin
Create a firmer face
One-click improvement of various face shapes, refined face shape
Streamlined tight fit
Ergonomic, beautiful streamlined arc
Fits closely to facial skin

How to use:
Consistently use it once a day, morning and evening, for 20 minutes each time
skin changes
1.After 1-2 weeks of use, the skin of the face becomes firm and contoured;
2.Insist on using for 4 weeks, the facial fat will be reduced, and the facial skin will be plump and firm
3.After 6 weeks of use, the muscles of most users have changed significantly.
1. It is recommended that users with weak chin joints or prone to headaches shorten the wearing time by half:
2. Under normal circumstances, wear it 1~2 times a day, 10~20 minutes each time:
3. Due to individual differences, the wearing time can be appropriately reduced according to the actual situation;
4. Can not be worn for a long time, so as not to cause discomfort;
5. If skin rashes and other allergic phenomena are caused during use, please use cotton cloth;
6. It is not recommended to use it in a deep sleep state.

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Package Included:
1*Beauty Instrument

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