Wifi Repeater 300Mbps Wifi Extender Amplifier Wifi Signal Booster 802.11N Long Range Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Access Point


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Product Description:
Powerful expansion, high-speed Wi-Fi without worry
Extend the signal to cover every corner of your home!
Kitchen recipes, attic microblogging, balcony webpage, wide coverage for high quality experience!
Built-in dual antenna, strong signal, far coverage
Powerful hardware configuration, scientific antenna layout.
Improve the isolation between antennas, reduce interference, stronger signal, wider coverage.
Quick and easy humanized settings convenient and quick full Chinese and English design, easy to understand the document, application and even easy to follow steps, all can quickly get started.

Product Selling point:
1) Up to 300Mbps transmission rate
2) Built-in dual antenna, relay signal more stable
3)RJ45 network port supports wired access
4) WPS one-key encryption button
5) Two working modes of relay/AP
6) Lightweight design, save shipping costs, Amazon pop
7) Simple and friendly operation interface, eliminating the need for tedious configuration

Relay mode:
Sometimes a device may be in the living room, but because of the poor signal, the bedroom signal may only be a cell, which requires further expansion of the wireless network. At this time, you can consider using another wireless router to expand the network through relay mode, “amplify” the name of the wireless signal and the original wireless router signal name, such as cell phones, tablets or whatever, no need to manually switch, completely rely on the network coverage itself.
Features: Relay settings need to be connected to another WiFi signal, and keep the WiFi name settings exactly the same.
Applicable scenarios: Expand the network to achieve a certain range of signal “roaming”
AP mode:
AP mode is special, usually only AP hotspot devices have this function, while AP devices do not have bridging and routing mode, but support relay function. The difference between relay and AP hotspot is also very simple, relay mode is actually a 1:1 extension of a wireless network, and does not require a cable connection, and both routers and AP devices support this mode; AP mode is the use of network cables to expand the WiFi signal, but it is not responsible for managing the network itself, equivalent to a switch with wireless capabilities, the wired signal is converted to wireless only. All other functions need to rely on the router to achieve (assign IP, manage the network, etc.).
Features: through the network cable into a wireless network, no management, routing functions.
Applicable scenarios: Covering signal dead ends, similar function to relay, but AP devices do not need to be configured, plug and play.

Product color: white
Product material: ABS material
Power plug: European standard / American standard
Antenna type: 2 * 5DB built-in directional antenna
Routing interface: 1 RJ45 Port
Network mode (Frequency): 2.4GHz
Network speed support (WiFi Speed ): 2.4GHz 300Mbps
Applicable System(OS): Windows Vista/XP/2000/7/8/10, Linux, MAC OS

Package Accessories:
WIFI Wireless Repeater x 1
English manual x 1
RJ45 network cable x 1


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